'Spectators' @ Athen B. Gallery
., Oakland, CA 94612, www.athenbgallery.com. Molly Bounds Caleb Hahne Caleb Hahne Caleb Hahne Michael Reeder Michael Reeder Michael Reeder Michael Reeder Molly Bounds, Caleb Hahne, and Michael Reeder unveil new work this Saturday at Athen B. Gallery
On View: 'Plenty' group exhibit @ Athen B. Gallery
While visiting the Bay Area a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of checking out the latest exhibit at Athen B. Gallery titled Plenty. The group exhibit features a wonderful mix of local and international artists who working in oils, wood, graphite, watercolor, and steel. From Michael Reeder's portraits examining identity, to Merijn Hos' naive sculptures and the hypnotic line work of 2501, Plenty offers a feast for the senses. Check out a few pics below, but be sure to swing by the gallery and view the art in person if you're in the area. Plenty is on view through February 5th at Athen B. Gallery, 1525 Webster St., Oakland, CA 94612, www.athenbgallery.com
5th Annual Forest For The Trees Mural Festival in Portland
This past August marked the 5th annual Forest For The Trees mural festival in Portland. Each year the non-profit organization has brought some noteworthy talent to Bridge Town, past alumni includes artists such as Alex Gardner, Michael Reeder, Mary Iverson, and Blaine Fontana. This year was no different as the walls of Portland were adorned by Andrew Schoultz, Blaine Fontana, Broken Fingaz, Caratoes, Drew Merritt, Jeff Sheridan, Jennifer Parks, Jessse Hazelip, Joao Ruas, Laura Berger, Meg Adamson, Meredith Dittmar, Paola Delfin, Ryan Bubnis, Seher, Shawna X, Smithe, and Yoshi47. If you're in Portland, keep a look out for these eye catching murals. In the meantime, take a peek of some of the artists' work below. Joao Ruas Ryan Bubnis Laura Berger Drew Merritt artists such as Alex Gardner, Michael Reeder, Mary Iverson, and Blaine Fontana. This
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