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Studio Visit with Justin Bower

Studio Visit with Justin Bower

Justin Bower's work makes you do a literal about face. It is larger than life, an unexpected mix of styles and in your face. His subject matter is the female face, ready for it's close-up, and he captures the beauty, strength and individual with his dramatic presentation.

Who helped you get to where you are today?

My family, especially my mother and wife

What would be the crowning achievement for you as an artist?

A retrospective at a major museum with my family there to witness it.

What have you lost that you wish you could get back?


What artists have influenced and inspired you?

Bridget Riley, El Greco, Bacon, De Kooning, Richter, Piccasso, David Fincher, Igmar Bergman and Basquiat.

What fuels the images you create?

The perpetual understanding/misunderstanding of the definition we give ourselves as a species and as autonomous individuals. How we are less and less stabilized operators with free will, and how we can hold many different positions (no matter how contradictory) at the same time. To breakdown the boundaries of who we think we are.

How do stay motivated?

I get into the studio and 'do', and when I'm not doing, I'm thinking, and when I'm not thinking I'm looking at every image/painting/art I can.

How has technology helped you with your craft?

Since my project seeks to comment a little on technology, I must admit I use it also in the prep of my paintings...photoshop, lightroom etc.

How long does it take you to create a work?

One month.

At what point during the creative process do you get the most pleasure?

A little more than half way through the painting is where that natural sexiness comes in.

What can be expected in the LA art scene?


Justin Bowers work can be seen at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles.

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