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Spotlight On: The Surreal Works of Fulvio Di Piazza

Highly imaginative, gorgeously wicked, and beautifully haunting are just a few ways to describe the surreal paintings by Fulvio Di Piazza. The Sicilian artist creates fanciful paintings of anthropomorphized landscapes with an extraordinary level of detail and depth. Exploring the concepts of time, energy, and matter that reshapes itself over eons of time, his paintings depict a world in which the essential building blocks of life are continually refashioned. To some extent, this artistic progression is influenced by Di Piazza's Sicilian surroundings; an area shaped by Norman-Arab-Byzantine architecture and design but jeopardized by modern developments. This dichotomy between progress and the beauty it threatens is reflected consistently throughout Di Piazza's work. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy, Fulvio Di Piazza has exhibited his work regularly since 1995. He has numerous solo shows under his belt, primarily with galleries in his home country. In 2012, he made his New York solo debut at Jonathan LeVine Gallery with Ashes to Ashes and most recently participated in Something Wicked This Way Comes, a group exhibit curated by Stephanie Chefas featuring the surreal talents of 10 innovative artists.






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