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Sneak Peek: Scott Hove @ Spoke Art

On May 2nd, Spoke Art gallery will present “Guns and Ecstasy”, the latest solo show from mixed media sculptor Scott Hove. Known primarily for his ferocious cake and taxidermy sculptures, Hove expounds upon his unique medium in his latest body of work. "For this series of sculptures, I have chosen to give the hyper-masculinized aesthetic of the assault weapon a forced-feminization in the form of pretty cake decoration, and in the process deconstructed the paranoia aesthetic," states Hove. "I have also constructed a cake-disco-ecstasy-infinity chamber, the purpose of which is to offer a space to surrender one's paranoia fantasy to an experience of the ecstatic, thereby bringing the viewer back to a pre-paranoia state of being. It should also be noted that with these and all of my previous works, the distinction between safety and paranoia is never totally clear... good luck in making the right choice!"

Thursday, May 2nd 6-10pm Spoke Art Gallery 816 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94109 spoke-art.com




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