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Sneak Peek: Wider Than a Postcard @ Breeze Block Gallery

Tomorrow night, Breeze Block Gallery will present their latest curatorial collaboration with Arrested Motion's Sven Davis entitled 'Wider than a Postcard'. Over 200 artists have been invited to produce works based on the traditional postcard format; whether it be antique, store bought, or homemade. The 6 x 4 inch pieces will be displayed in a grid formation to create an holistic installation of more than 400 individual artworks. The exhibition will also serve as a comparative survey of how artists interpret the same brief, giving a unique insight into the varying creative processes of each participant. Artists include Aaron Nagel, Augustine Kofie, Brian Donnelly, Candice Tripp, David Bray, Hush, Ian Francis, Josh Keyes, Joshua Petker, Judith Supine, Mario Wagner, Mary Iverson, Mike Stilkey, Moneyless, Nate Frizzell, Poesia, Saelee Oh, Stephanie Buer, Silvia Ji, plus many, many more.

Thursday, May 2nd 2013 Breeze Block Gallery 323 NW 6th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 breezeblockgallery.com

image5-e1367506977170 Mary Iverson

8697174771_36035ca7a1_z-e1367440124165 Aaron Nagel

428699_10151607073974393_113608427_n-e1367440100294 Joshua Petker

8698299424_c41f9aa8a7_c-e1367440182533 Josh Keyes

image3-e1367506897489 Moneyless

8697175441_e28552c4c8_z-e1367440145212 Brian Donnelly

image4-e1367506929973 Poesia

image2-e1367506858997 Augustine Kofie

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