Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Spotlight On: Artist Sarah Eisonlohr

stampede When I discover a new artist I adore in any genre of art, be it music, painting, film, sculpture, or photography, theres that small flame of "yes" that resonates in my stomach.  There are many shades and levels of it too!  Sometimes its that gradual "Y..e…ss, ok, yes."  Other times it is just  so undeniable, so obviously present that it becomes a casual statement .  A "Why-of-course" sort of flame.  This is the flame I felt for young collage artist Sarah Eisonlohr.  Using collage to transform existing images of landscape and architecture, Sarah pulls images from mostly vintage magazines to combine and re-create an ironic world— producing majestic, larger-than life, ornate images that appear to obtain an aura that screams, "Midwest-American-fairy-tale-of-the-1950's."  In her artist statement, Eisenlohr writes,

"I aim to demonstrate the potential experience of beauty within landscapers but with a paradox— we also have the power to change them, sometimes to the point of irreversibility."

Take a look at her artwork, and see if you feel that same flame!

Words by Gabrielle Wooden

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