Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Sneak Peek: Speedy Graphito @ Fabien Castanier Gallery

This Saturday, Fabien Castanier Gallery will present the latest collection of work by renowned contemporary urban artist Speedy Graphito entitled 'NEWWORLDS'. For this exhibition, the French street artist will explore the mutation and perception of the image. In the age of digital over-consumption, myriad channels of communication have transformed the planet into a formidable distribution network, invading the world and our everyday lives on an intimate level. Speedy Graphito will examine these concepts through a variety of different mediums, from sculptures and paintings to installations. "This exhibition for Speedy, at every level, is a turning point in his career.", says Castanier. "NEWWORLDS will be an immersive experience and his most ambitious show to date, one that reflects his exceptional talent, not only as a painter but as a conceptual artist as well."

Saturday, May 11th 7-10pm Fabien Castanier Gallery 12196 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA 91604 castaniergallery.com



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