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Prints: Max Kauffman 'As the Waves Crash Down' & 'Holding Position'

Oakland based artist Max Kauffman creates paintings with an air of whimsy that are filled with literal and abstract references to the world we live in. On Tuesday, May 14th, Kauffman will release two new prints for art enthusiasts - 'As the Waves Crash Down' and 'Holding Position'. Both works evoke the artist's folksy charm and are from the original paintings featured in his solo show last year at Gildar Gallery. Anyone purchasing either print will be entered into a giveaway for the original painting of 'As the Waves Crash Down'. The contest will run from Tuesday May 14th through Wednesday May 22nd. A winner will be randomly chosen at that time, with 2nd place receiving a small drawing.

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Holding Position

Vanguard @ Thinkspace Gallery

Sneak Peek: Speedy Graphito @ Fabien Castanier Gallery