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Sneak Peek: Hollin Norwood @ Design Matters

IMG_3024s On June 7th, Design Matters will present an exhibition of embroidered works by Hollin Norwood, "Hard in the Paint", which seek to explore the complexities of race in America, specifically within the sphere of professional sports like basketball. Norwood’s fascination with embroidery—a medium chiefly associated with women and decoration—meshed perfectly with his need to do something different and challenge long-held notions and beliefs about the craft and its traditions. “Hard in the Paint” is specifically a basketball term (to make a particularly aggressive move toward to the basket), but it also refers to an overall Machiavellian philosophy of work. “Get rich or die trying” is a cherished mantra in this country. How does a person of race succeed in America, particularly if they are African-American? What does this say about our values and societal structure?

These ideas and questions collide and explode in his expansive work, creating splatter-shot universes of incredible depth, magnetism, originality, and force. The sheer size and density of his pieces elicit a visceral, almost primal response. There is war in his opalescent work, a sense of impeding violence and aggression. This is a reality stripped clean and laid bare for display in all its intricacy and wonder.

Friday, June 7th 7-10pm Design Matters 11527 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 designmattersla.com


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