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Sneak Peek: Thomas Doyle, "No Man's Land" @ LeBasse Projects‏

On June 22nd, LeBasse Projects will present Thomas Doyle's second solo exhibition with the gallery entitled 'No Man's Land'. Featuring work from the artist's 'Proxy' series of impactful scale model sculptures, each work describes undefined catastrophe besieging a previously utopian suburbia - demolished white-picket fenced abodes, trains colliding into homes, and houses that are isolated on islets or turned completely upside-down. 'No Man's Land' explores anxiety, insecurity and fear of the unknown imprinted upon the human psyche in the aftermath of adversity. Saturday, June 22nd 6-9pm LeBasse Projects 6023 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 lebasseprojects.com


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