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Sneak Peek: Ryan Stewart Nault @ Breeze Block Gallery

Ryan Stewart Nault is a rising talent in the contemporary art scene and on July 5th, Breeze Block Gallery will debut the Chicago based artist's latest body of work entitled I'm a Stranger Here Myself. Curated by Sven Davis, contributor to the online arts magazine Arrested Motion, the exhibition explores how familiar the stranger has become in today's technology driven world through Nault's deconstruction aesthetic. By breaking down his environment to its basic form, Nault captures a harmonious balance of abstraction and reality in his own wild and varied land. The work will be shown alongside Kevin Earl Taylor‘s solo exhibition Monument Adrift. Check out these preview images below courtesy of the curator and be sure to view the works in person. Show opens on July 5th and runs until July 27th, 2013.

Friday, July 5th 6-10pm Breeze Block Gallery 323 NW 6th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 breezeblockgallery.com




Sneak Peek: Kevin Earl Taylor @ Breeze Block Gallery

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