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Spotlight On: Artist Neil Krug

Niel Krug is an American artist based in Los Angeles and may possibly be pinterest's and tumblr's most beloved photographer. Shooting, editing, filtering, layering and recreating pictures through a grainy, color-casted eye to simultaneously appear both vintage and futuristic, Niel Krug has established for himself a unique and original genre of photography at a time when many believe originality in photography impossible. Krug reinvents the present by colliding images to appear of the past but to have saturated and ironic colors of the future, for example, saturating water images or sky images to be red or orange. Mostly gravitating towards pictures of women, Krug depicts the american siren in all of her galore. Nudity, guns, head dresses, cults, flowers, cigarettes, the sea, native paint, and geodesic symbols are all included in a seventies appeal against a subtly profound contrasting color palette. In his more recent work, Krug explores open landscapes, simplistic mod meets psychedelia, mystical mirrors in desert panoramas, and the bewitching saturated female figure. He also has photographed many acclaimed music artists, such as Bat For Lashes, Devendra Banhart, Scissor Sistors, and White Flight, bringing forth the forgotten magic between the musician and the photograph. His new book, a collaboration with model Joni Harbeck, Pulp Art Book, is now available for purchase in various stores and in many ways artfully recreates the cheesy, seedy, and overtly sexual inclinations of the seventies. His new feature film INVISIBLE PYRAMID, is anticipated at the end of this year.

Words by Gabrielle Wooden


Coyote - Neil Krug - Joni Harbeck Alexander - 1

Neil Krug - Lauren Marie Young - Floor - Low Res



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