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Sneak Peek: Neu Folk Revival @ Lequivive Gallery

This weekend, LeQuiVive Gallery will be exploring the notions of traditional art making as they present a group exhibition entititled "Neu Folk Revival". Curated by Max Kauffman, the title refers to a new movement working in these confines; or rather a cross section of artists from different realms that make work that speaks to this tradition. By celebrating these techniques, it is hoped that new appreciation for work done by hand, done for the simple act of creation is looked at in line with great artists spanning back to the dawn of civilization. Artists include: Ryan Bubnis, John Casey, Chip 7, Lisa Congdon, Uriel Correa, Cosmic Nuggets, Jennifer Davis, Cannon Dill, Doodles, Bill Dunlap, Mike Egan, John Fellows, Brett Flanigan, Christian Brock Forrer, ghost patrol, Robert Hardgrave, Katy Horan, Anthony Hurd, Rich Jacobs, Yellena James, Max Kauffman, Scot Lefavor, Matt Leines, Linsey Levendall, Justin Lovato, Troy Lovegates, Maseman, Erin McCarty, Mildred, Jaime Molina, Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair, Daryll Peirce, Jeremy Pruitt, Faring Purth, Jesse Reno, Ryan Riss, Brian Robertson, Katherine Rutter, Souther Salazar, Lucien Shapiro, Santos Shelton, Chris Silva, Collin van der Sluijs, Zio Ziegler

Saturday, October 5th 7-10pm LeQuiVive Gallery 1525 Webster Street Oakland, CA lequivive.com

yellena_arcadia Yellena James

Gully Ryan Riss

dunlap_glider_large Bill Dunlap

ghost1 ghost patrol

guardiansofdarkness Hari and Deepti

kat Silver & Gold (what else is in your teeth_) Katherine Rutter

LS_CohorsBandBuriersMask_AMMS Lucien Shapiro

Neufolk_linsey2low Linsey Levendall

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