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Studio Visit with Christine Wu

Inspired by the cycle of dying and her mother's perpetual plea to return to the nest, Christine Wu explores moments of emptiness, defiance, and inner strength to create a body of work entitled "Come Home". The new work is set to open at La Luz de Jesus on November 1st, however, Wu graciously invited me to her space for a sneak peek. And I couldn't have been more excited. When walking into Wu's studio space, I notice preliminary drawings displayed on the main wall waiting to be taken down and worked into original pieces of art. Words of inspiration are posted all about such as "Make Something Awesome" and "Get Shit Done".  But what I was ultimately smitten by were the sensual figures laid before me. These figures wrapped in decaying foliage, raveled in bed sheets, and blindfolded (in some cases) ooze with feminine sexuality.  At once intimate and raw, Wu depicts images of individuals experiencing a visceral growth. Themes of metaphorical deaths are constant throughout the work and are heighten by her exquisite layering process. By capturing bodies in a state of flux, Wu conceives "ghost" images of events that "could be, could have been, and may never be."

"Come Home" is a stunning collection of work that showcases Wu’s increasingly refined depiction of feminine allure. And as usual, to fully appreciate the layers of subtle textures and hidden details in her paintings, one must view the artwork in person. The exhibit has a short run, so be sure to attend the opening on November 1st at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

Wu 17

Wu 15

Wu 11

Wu 10

Wu 4

Wu 1

Wu 28

Wu 6

Wu 23

Wu 12

Wu 20

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