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Sneak Peek: beinArt Collective 2013 @ Copro Gallery

In celebration of the surreal and macabre, "beinArt Collective 2013" features over 50 artists chosen by Jon Beinart for their exceptional technique as well as their natural leaning towards strange and often subversive subject matter. From the peculiar nymphs of Jana Brike to the disconcerting raw imagery of Kikyz1313 and everything in between, dark art lovers will relish this exhibit's diversity. Take a peek at the preview below, but be sure to view the works in person at Copro Gallery this Saturday night. Saturday, November 9th 8-11:30pm Copro Gallery 2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5 Santa Monica, California 90404 copronason.com

Participating artists include: Chet Zar, Chris Mars, Kris Lewis, David Bowers, Christian Van Minnen, Ana Bagayan, Scott Scheidly, Jana Brike, Scott Brooks, Brian Despain, Charlie Immer, Madeline von Foerster, Chistopher Ulrich, Santiago Caruso, Shawn Barber, Peter Gric, Carlos Torres, Ewelina Koszykowska, Matt Dangler, Jeff Christensen, Richard A Kirk, Saturno Butto, Dan May, Jessica Joslin, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Dariusz Zawadzki, Roberto Ferri, Agostino Arrivabene, Sarina Brewer, Vincent Van Dyke, Dietmar Gross, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Ville Löppönen, Tom Kuebler, Leo Plaw, Maya Kulenovic, Sandra Yagi, Karl Persson, Heather Nevay, David Choquette, Lucy Hardie, Erik Alos, Carrie Ann Baade, Lee Harvey Roswell, Maura Holden, Kikyz 1313, Mark Garro, Amanda Sage, Ben Tolman, Paul Rumsey, Caitlin Hackett, Matthew Levin, Annie Owens, Xiaoqing Ding & Erik Thor Sandberg.

10538335946_e9c57e85ba_b Christian Rex van Minnen

575665_460868027359992_440544509_n Kikyz1313

1396066_10151960641570289_163141465_n Annie Owens

551349_10151759769692012_1006635373_n Matthew Levin

1459212_10151764810602012_1771341729_n Ewelina Koszykowska

993745_10151767899492012_1572037138_n David Bowers

janaBrike_BeinArt_BurningOfTheVirgin_2013 Jana Brike

The Dodo's Widow Caitlin Hackett

Sneak Peek: "Sanguine" @ Elisabeth Weinstock

Sneak Peek: Marco Mazzoni "Naturama" @ Roq La Rue Gallery