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Sneak Peek: "Sanguine" @ Elisabeth Weinstock

Exotic skins designer, Elisabeth Weinstock with Richard Scarry and Chippy Coates of Coates & Scarry are presenting an exciting art exhibition entitled “Sanguine” to be housed at the designer’s Flagship store in Los Angeles on November 9th. Following in a long tradition that brings art and luxury fashion together, the exhibit will feature some of the most influential and cutting edge artists from around the globe. Together, they have curated a show that not only reflects their individual tastes but also showcases artists who represent the most relevant craft, skill, and unique visions in the art world today. “Taking a risk, in art, life and fashion is what it's all about and being confident and positive is part of the process and our shared sensibility. The artists in this show produce dramatic work, but emanate positivity and a quiet confidence, they are indeed Sanguine, which combines to produce stunning and modern pieces” says Richard Scarry.

Artists include: D*Face, Carne Griffiths, Marco Mazzoni, Carlo Crane, Dan Baldwin, Deedee Cheriel, Pure Evil, Nigel Cox, Natalie Shau, and Rose Sanderson.

Saturday, November 9th 6:30-9:30pm Elisabeth Weinstock 8159 West Third Street Los Angeles, CA 90048 elisabethweinstock.com

photo (43) Deedee Cheriel

4046-800-600-r Marco Mazzoni

Lepidoptera Flutterdie Tray Set D*Face

devoured Carne Griffiths

20-RUMBLE-(back up) Dan Baldwin

Mine_Nigel Cox Nigel Cox

4131-800-600-r Natalie Shau

4664-800-600-r Pure Evil

HPM Project with RERO

Sneak Peek: beinArt Collective 2013 @ Copro Gallery