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HPM Project with RERO

HPM Project (Hand Painted Multiples) is an on-going collaboration and artistic venture that brings together an un-paralleled collection of hand-painted limited editions from the world's foremost urban artists. Over the weekend, RERO released his fourth set titled "Untitled (When I Shit I Look at Marcel Duchamp's Book)". That's right. With his latest HPM, RERO continues his exploration of negation by nullifying adverse art remarks and making them his own. The silkscreen set is a small edition of 8 created on handmade khandi paper and colored by hand in a variety of vibrant hues. We're especially taken with the ones painted with fuschia and hints of yellow (shown below). To view the complete set online and scoop one up for your own collection, visit hpm-project.com.


1470292_652255801492651_987003880_n RERO signing HPMs

Dennis McNett "Temple of Wolfbat" @ Known Gallery

Sneak Peek: "Sanguine" @ Elisabeth Weinstock