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Sneak Peek: Copro Gallery @ Scope Miami

On December 4-8, Copro Gallery will be showing selected work by artists, Brian Viveros and Dan Quintana at the Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach during Art Basel week. This is the gallery’s first year at the event. If you aren’t able to make it, there is a December 14th show of the all the works in LA at Copro. The artists will be attendance for both events. The show’s title is “Desensitized 13”. Brian Viveros has continued his series of tough and temping femme fatales who live by the credo “smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em”. Working with mix of oil/acrylic/airbrush and ink, each of Brian’s female subjects dares you to cross their path and see what happens. They exude undeniable strength, reckless fearlessness, and heightened sexuality. They clearly are the sort who live life on the edge, could probably beat the crap out of you and may not be the type you’d want to bring home to mother. Whether they are masked or not, they are in no way hiding who they are. They also redefine female roles as evidenced by the subjects wearing an assortment of traditionally men’s hats. The passionate heat of Brian’s subjects are ramped up even further with his ample use of the color red in his work- Be it a rose in a subject’s hair, fine bleeding scratches on his subject’s otherwise unblemished skin or perfectly applied lipstick to pouty lips. Brian’s seductive work smartly glorifies gratuitous sex and violence with amazing compositions that, for the most part, stay focused above the bust line.




Dan Quintana's work runs at a very different temperature. His color palette for his oil on wood paintings tends to be colder utilizing blues a lot. The women subjects are no less alluring, but they are more aloof. Their gazes tend to be distant and haunting. Are they attainable flesh and blood beauties or ghostly phantoms trapped in limbo? They often have an otherworldly appearance and evoke a sense of mystery. His subjects are often surrounded by unsettling imagery, that they seem unaware of or unconcerned by. Abstract elements often dot Dan’s work and highlight alternate realities layered on top of each other. You get a very distinct sense that a major transition and metamorphosis is occurring in a lot of his work. There is a sense of movement that is slow and dramatic. He regularly creates of a tug of war sensation with this world and whatever is beyond. Dan’s fascinating work often has a number of subtle details that are best appreciated when you see his paintings up close.



For all inquiries of original Viveros & Quintana paintings for Scope Miami please contact copronason@msn.com.

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