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Sneak Peek: Sarah Folkman "The Burden of Adoration" @ CHG Circa

February 15th will mark Sarah Folkman's first solo exhibition with CHG Circa, where she will debut her enthralling new body of work entitled "The Burden of Adoration". Known for her use of exotic wood as a canvas, Folkman stays true to her distinguishing style by interlocking the female figure with nature. Folkman emphasizes the madness that can arise from loving someone so intensely; "a mad intensity that when not reciprocated leads to disaster". What better way to elongate your Valentine's Day festivities than by taking your loved one to this must-see show! Take a peek below at a few pieces that will be on display. Saturday, February 15th 7-10pm CHG Circa 8530-A Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232 www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

The Watchers

The Burden of Adoration

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