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Sneak Peek: "An Even Eleven" @ Shooting Gallery

On March 15th Shooting Gallery will be presenting their 11th year anniversary group exhibit, "An Even Eleven". This celebratory event will showcase artwork from artists who have already shown at Shooting Gallery in the past and newcomers at the midst of their art careers. If you’re in San Francisco for the weekend, don’t miss out on this fusion of talent that remains true to the gallery’s visionary eye for contemporary art. Artists include Eine, Duncan Jago, Andrea Heimer, David Soukup, Vhils, Tes One, Mary Iverson, Niels Shoe Meulman, Victor Castillo, Marco Rea, Amanda Marie, Meryl Pataky, Ernesto Yerena, Adam Ziskie, Sten & Lex, Greg Gossel, Jeremiah Kille, Remi Rough, Mark Warren Jacques, Lauren Napolitano, Mike Shine, Melanie Alves, Kelly Tunstall, Tedincoln, Ferris Plock, Word to Mother, Brock Brake, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Rone, Poesia, Anthony Lister, Casey Gray, Cleon Peterson, Bec Winnel, Charmaine Olivia, David Marc Grant, Ben Clarke, Dan Tague, Faith 47, Chazme, Helen Bayly, Apex, Peter Gronquist, Mike Davis, C215, Robert Christian Malmberg, Sergio Garcia, C3, Porkchop (Michael Lavalee), Mauricio Garrido, the Clayton Brothers, Yumiko Kayukawa, Joseph Martinez, Cyrcle, Justin Kerson, the Low Bros, John Felix Arnold III, Sergio Lopez, Jon Fox, Pixel Pancho, Cope 2, Indie 184, and Christopher Burch.

Take a look at a some preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, March 15th 7-11 pm Shooting Gallery 886 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94109 www.shootinggallerysf.com

Victor Castillo, Wild Drums, Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24in

Ted Lincoln, Battle of Endor, detail, Mother of Pearl on Cypress slab, 86x24in,

Adam Ziskie, a study in turquoise

Andrea Heimer 2

Andrea Heimer

Bec Winnel, Harriette

Bec Winnel, Stevie

Brock Brake 2


Chazme, Megapolis_Funky Brutalism

David Marc Grant, Lime Kiln 2

David Soukup, Vertical Escapism no.1, Spray Paint Stencil, Mixed Media on Wood, 40x40in

Ernesto Yerena, triptych


Low Bros, Call a Culture, 39x79in

Marco Rea, Faces 02, Spray paint on billboards, 22.5x30.5in

Marco Rea, White Face, Spray paint on billboards, 11.5x19.5in

Mark Warren Jacques, Seeing Felling Growing, Acrylic and Enamel on Panel 20x24 in

Mauricio Garrido, Lucrecia, 92.5x47in

Neils Shoe Meulman_an even eleven

Remi Rough, if_only_silence_could_speak_2013

Robert Christian Malmberg, DTSF, Archival Pigment Print on Plywood. Wet-plate collodion process, 56 x 48 in

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