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Sneak Peek: "Tooth & Nail" @ Antler Gallery

Artists Caitlin Hackett, Jeff Leake and Christina Mrozik will be featuring their work in "Tooth & Nail", a three-person show opening this Thursday at Antler Gallery. Influenced by an affinity for nature, these artists integrate dark themes into their interpretations of nature to further "explore the darker aspects of our increasingly complex relationship with the world around us." Residing in Brooklyn for a few years and more recently in Oakland, Caitlin Hackett has classified her work as contemporary mythology, taking inspiration from the redwoods and coastline of Northern California where she grew up. One of Hackett's influence's happens to be Christina Mrozik. The Michigan-based artist's work derives from her insight into the human condition. Her drawings, or portraits, are rendered in acrylics, watercolors, and marker pens. Jeff Leake presents a more traditional take on nature, heavily resembling that of Victorian paintings of flora and fauna. With this show, Antler Gallery emphasizes their passion for the already well-know and local emerging talent in the Portland contemporary art world. Take a look at some images of the artwork for "Tooth & Nail", courtesy of the gallery.

Thursday, March 27th 6-10 pm Antler Gallery 2728 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211 www.antlerpdx.com

Coalesce-hackett Caitlin Hackett

Fracture-hackett Caitlin Hackett

MartyrsofLakeXochimilco-hackett Caitlin Hackett

thecradle-mrozik Christina Mrozik

Crone-mrozik Christina Mrozik

mrozik-hackett Christina Mrozik and Caitlin Hackett

flotila-leake Jeff Leake

lookback-leake Jeff Leake

westernexpansion-leake Jeff Leake

Judith Supine "Golden Child" @ Mecka Gallery

Sneak Peek: Ryan Hewett "Seek My Fort" @ Thinkspace Gallery