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Sneak Peek: "Universe: The Art of Existence" @ Modern Eden Gallery

On Saturday, Modern Eden Gallery will be invaded by the curatorial perspective of Warholian's Michael Cuffe with the exhibition "Universe: The Art of Existence". This is the second exhibit Cuffe has curated at Modern Eden. Multiple artists will display their take on the subject of the universe, whether it be space, stars, galaxies, planets, the cosmos, celestial bodies, and so much more. Some will also explore "the larger outer paradigm of the Universe that relates to things of an atomic scale, such as elements of quantum physics, atoms, and energy streams." It is difficult for the limited human mind to grasp the immensity of the universe, therefore artists will use its grandiose existence as a catapult to interpret the relativity it has  to every living thing. Renditions will range from close-up portraits interacting with representations of the universe, to abstract landscapes mirroring its boundless formation. Artists include Rick Berry, Trevor Young, Casey Gray, Charmaine Olivia, Mab Graves, John Wentz, Christina Mrozik, Jaclyn Alderete, Brenton Bostwick, Leilani Bustamante, Alec Huxley, Lyrica Glory, Meryl Pataky, Michael Cuffe, Steve Javiel, Melissa Morgan, Bradley Platz, Daniel J. Valadez, Helice Wen, Steve Hughes, Olivia Chen, Syd Bee, Cory Benhatzel, Chris Blackstock, Joshua Coffy, Ryan De La Hoz, Carly Ivan Garcia, Jane Kenoyer, Jake Kobrin, Hugh Leeman, Leon Loucheur, Johannah O’ Donnell, Rich Pellegrino, Jena Rockwood, Eve Skylar, Adam Caldwell, Michael Page, David Natale, Chuck Sperry, Xiau-Fong Wee, Adam Ziskie, Melissa Hartley, Marcos Lafarga, Lee Harvey Roswell, Allison “Hueman” Torneros, C3 – Christopher Charles Curtis, Martin Stensaas, David Marc Grant, Robert Bowen, Wendy Gadzuk, Andrea McLeod, Holly Matthews, Erik Flores, Donia, Amy Mastrine, Kaitlin Beckett, Lisa Kurt, Gemma Bayly, Penelope Moore, Peter Chan, Dave MacDowell, Scott Listfield, and a special online video performance art piece from Sarah Muehlbauer.

Take a look at a few images below via the gallery.

Saturday April 12th 6-10 pm Modern Eden Gallery 403 Francisco Street San Francisco, CA 94133 www.moderneden.com

Adam Ziskie Adam Ziskie

Meryl Pataky Meryl Pataky

Adam Caldwell Adam Caldwell

Leon Loucheur Leon Loucheur

Cory Benhatzel Cory Benhatzel

MELISSA HARTLEY (1024x1024) Melissa Hartley


Scott Listfield final Scott Listfield

Swoon CHRISTINA MROZIK Christina Mrozik

Daniel J. Valadez Daniel J. Valadez

Ursa_JOSHUA COFFY Joshua Coffy

Valar Morghulis JOHANNAH O'DONNELL (800x800) Johannah O'donnell

Worm Hole ROBERT BOWEN Robert Bowen

Sneak Peek: "The Subtle Art of Pop-Culture" @ Gallery 1988

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