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Sneak Peek: Brianna Angelakis @ Modern Eden Gallery

May 10th will mark the opening of Brianna Angelakis' debut solo exhibition entitled "Fairy Tales: The Test of Time" at Modern Eden Gallery. Angelakis' imaginative fairy tale renditions will make evident the influence that such stories have had on her life. She will focus on the determination of female characters to obtain their happy ending through discomforting situations. By embedding her own experiences within her paintings, Angelakis places her female figures in a modern setting but still pulls from their original narrative. Through this contemporary lens, these enticing paintings will take us back to recognizable tales that once inhabited our childhood minds and may still be lingering in some form or another. In regards to her inspiration, Angelakis states:

"Fairy tales represented a vital aspect of my childhood but never escaped me even after my adolescent years. As a child, I often correlated myself to the young girls depicted within each fantastical narrative. As an adult, I continue to find myself fascinated by the young girls and fantasy elements in each story; however, I am also enticed by the strength of the young girls as they overcome the obstacles blocking them from achieving their 'happily-ever-afters'.

I mirror the innocence of my childhood in my series of paintings while simultaneously combining my experiences as a woman through the depiction of the female figure. Adorned in contemporary clothing, the figures relate to the present era, yet, they suggest their fairy tale origin through action in addition to their surroundings. My modern interpretation continues their fantastical narrative as each moment presented appears believable yet enchanting."

If you're in the San Francisco area on May 10th, make sure to see Angelakis' anticipated debut. Meanwhile, take a look at a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday May 10th 6-10 pm Modern Eden Gallery 403 Francisco Street San Francisco, CA 94133 www.moderneden.com








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