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"Steer Ahead" group exhibit @ Soze Gallery

Currently on view at Soze Gallery is "Steer Ahead", a group exhibit to benefit CAMP2E featuring custom painted steer heads by over a dozen contemporary artists. Showcasing the talents of Dave Kinsey (above), Retna, Victor Castillo, Cyrcle, Devngosha, Brittany Segal, Dan Quintana, Bon Nielsen, Gregory Siff, Aaron De La Cruz, Paige Smith, Kristin Bauer, Sarah Sandin, Aaron De la Cruz, Bone Thrower, Cole Sternberg, and Fidia Falaschetti, the exhibit presents an iconic symbol of the west adorned with each artists' signature aesthetic. "Steer Ahead" has a short run - it's up until April 25th. Be sure to visit Soze Gallery and view the art in person when in the DTLA area. All proceeds from the show will go towards CAMP2E's programs that empower inner city youth through art teachings.

22e82808c73111e3b1ae0002c9d39528_8_zpsf7628eb6 Dan Quintana

10153016_534790799974324_7089345520160326185_n Fidia Falaschetti

1977479_534742269979177_3739658434150793474_n Cole Sternberg

Cyrcle_A Glitch in the Domesticaton of All THings 2 Crycle

steer-ahead-1 Bone Thrower

steer-ahead-2 Sarah Sandin

steer-ahead-siff Gregory Siff

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