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Sneak Peek: "This Crazy Life" @ New Image Art Gallery

Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Martinez, and Michael Vasquez share a common thread within their work - the ability to capture the gritty and often chaotic lifestyle of urban neighborhoods. And this Saturday, these artists will unite under one roof to present "This Crazy Life" with New Image Art Gallery. The gallery has a long and impressive history of highlighting emerging talents from the street and this exhibit promises to continue that tradition. With the honest intensity of Bojorquez's photographs, Martinez's tongue-in-cheek mixed media works, and the confrontational figurative paintings of Vasquez, these three artists will represent an interpretation of the reality of inner-city life. Saturday, April 26th 7-10pm New Image Art Gallery 7920 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90046 newimageartgallery.com


eastsidercollagegbojorquez Gregory Bojorquez

this-crazy-life Michael Vasquez

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