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Sneak Peek: Josh Keyes and Neil M. Perry @ Antler Gallery

Tonight, Antler Gallery will be presenting new works by Portland artists Josh Keyes and Neil M. Perry. For this collaboration show, entitled "Entwined", each artist will feature a new series of paintings. Josh Keyes' "The Forest", is the first body of work in which his animals will reside in landscape settings. The backgrounds are lush stills of breathtaking forest taking over a once human-inhabited territory. As Keyes' animals roam the land, they blend in with their surroundings, highlighting that they are part of the reclamation of this world. This ongoing process is made evident through stranded objects slowly being consumed by the dense growth of nature.

Neil M. Perry's "New Synthesis", is based on the theory of combining two ideas with similar aspects to produce an innovative idea. This type of union depends on a compromise from both beings or personalities, in order for a new synthesis to arise and permit both elements to move forward together. Perry explores the nature of different human relationships through color psychology, as seen in his snake patterns, and cultural anthropomorphism, characterized by personality traits bestowed upon wildlife. His artwork justifies that opposite personalities don't always clash, they often form symbiotic relationships, feeding off of one another through complimentary traits.

The opening reception for "Entwined" is a part of Portland's Alberta Street's Last Thursday art walk. If you're in the area, make sure to check out this collaboration exhibit from Portland's own local artists. Take a look at a few preview images provided by the artists.

Thursday, April 24th 6-10pm Antler Gallery 2728 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211 www.antlerpdx.com


Artist: Josh Keyes

Artist: Josh Keyes





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