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Opening Night: The Well Presents Juxtapoz Psychedelic Book Release & Art Exhibition

In honor of their 20th anniversary year, Juxtapoz Magazine partnered up with The Well on Saturday night, to present a celebration to launch the Juxtapoz Psychedelic book release and an art exhibit highlighting the best of Psychedelic art. The energy throughout the night was enhanced with on-site painting and sounds from Saint, SteezusChrist, and Demonbabies. Juxtapoz Psychedelic delves into the story of the popular magazine's origins to its present day reputation for covering art that pushes the boundaries. The book serves as a revival of the experimental psychedelic genre and as a foundation for an exhibition, curated by Hannah Stouffer, showcasing the talents of classic artists such as Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. Artists featured include Andy Gilmore, Steven Harrington, Oliver Hibert, David D'Andrea, Eric Beltz, Scott Balmer, Deanne Cheuk, Mark Whalen, Eric Shaw, Ryan Travis Christian, Pearl C Hsiung, Karina Eibatova, Maya Hayuk, Skinner, Jetter Green, Katherine Tromans, Kylea Borges, Phil Guy, Elena Stonaker, Demonbabies, Donny Miller, AstralEyes, Madsteez, Ryan Shaffer, Pale Horse, Ryan De La Hoz, Sean Newport, Leo Eguiarte, Johnny Vampotna and Thomas McMahan.

The show will adorn "the walls of the stunning, converted turn-of-the-century warehouse that is The Well", until May 13th. Take a look at a few opening night pictures and artwork images via Juxtapoz. Make sure to stop by and check out this incredible collection of vibrant art for yourself.

juxtapoz exhibit 2

juxtapoz exhibit 2

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juxtapoz exhibit dj


Allyson Grey Allyson Grey

Andy Gilmore 1 Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore 2 Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore 3 Andy Gilmore

Eric Beltz Eric Beltz

Hannah Stouffer Hannah Stouffer

Jetter Green 2 Jetter Green

Jetter Green Jetter Green

Kylea Borges Kylea Borges

Mark Whalen Mark Whalen

Ryan Travis Christian Ryan Travis Christian

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