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Morgan Slade "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" @ Shooting Gallery

Currently on view at Shooting Gallery is Morgan Slades's first exhibit in three years entitled "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow", which includes seven new mixed media photographic works. The exhibit displays Slade's scantly clad vixens adorned with tattoos and introduces controversial rapper Riff Raff into the mix - a combination that's wonderfully executed to blur the lines between celebration and parody in commercial culture. Though the glamour and sex appeal of bikini babes draws you in, it's Slade's underlying message that's so fascinating. Brand identities such as Gucci, Fendi, and Costco loom in the background like subliminal reminders of the over-bloated American Dream. The prominent use of the female figure mimics the advertising world's strategy of using women as a symbol of desire to sell products. And let's not forget Riff Raff, a living testament of excess and our perpetual hustle to "be the boy with the most toys". By confronting symbolic shorthands and images, Slade challenges our notions of success, happiness, and the consumerism that saturates American culture.

"Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" runs through May 3rd. If you're in the San Francisco area, make it a point to stop by Shooting Gallery to view the works in person. Until then, take a look at some images below via the gallery.






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