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Ray Caesar and Beau Stanton @ CHG Circa

Currently on view at CHG Circa is a collaborative exhibition from Ray Caesar and Beau Stanton. Since the opening of the show on April 19th, their work has had an amazing viewer turn out. This highly successful pairing embraces the idea of two incredible artists creating a powerful collection without standing in each other's way. Ray Caesar's "A Tainted Virtue", revolves around delicate female figures that pack a punch with their sultry poise. Their uneasy presence reveals that they are merely veiled with fragility and instead, are possessed with a dark side. Caesar describes this body of work, including 5 new pieces, as "a few words describing [him] and [his] work", a "mixture of amazing, wonderful experiences tainted with demoralizing pain and cruelty." Beau Stanton's "Cartography of the Machine", presents a fusion of 19th century historical references and modern compositions. The artist's LA solo debut, captures his intense attention to detail through textured industrial renditions. A vibrant palette and controlled use of pattern give each piece the illusion of depth. Stanton describes his work as "visual dissections provid[ing] unique perspectives while presenting the mechanical nature of [his] imagery.”

"A Tainted Virtue" and "Cartography of the Machine" are on view through May 10th. Be sure to visit CHG Circa to catch the works in person. Meanwhile, enjoy some images of the opening night courtesy of the gallery.

BeauStanton1 Artist Beau Stanton (middle) with the founders of Art-Nerd, Lori Zimmer (left) and Lauren Albrecht (right)

BeauStanton2 Artist Beau Stanton with CHG director, Sherri Trahan

BeauStanton3 Artist Beau Stanton




Guests1 Artist Tristan Eaton (right) and artist and founder of Monorex and Secret Walls, Terry Guy (middle) enjoying the 
CHG party tent

Guests2 CHG director Sherri Trahan (left) with artists Esther Pearl Watson (middle) and Mark Todd (right)

Install1 Installation of Beau Stanton's animated painting "Submariner"

Install 3 Ray Caesar "A Tainted Virtue" installation

Jan Corey Helford and Beau Beau Stanton with CHG owner Jan Corey Helford

Stanton1 With Animation Beau Stanton with his animated painting "Submariner"

Stanton2 With Genesis Beau Stanton with his piece "Genesis"

Stanton3  Easo Andrews Art Nerd NYLA Artist Esao Andrews (far left) with Beau Stanton and the Art Nerd family

Stanton4 Clayton Bros Michael Rooney Beau Stanton with artists The Clayton Brothers and Michael Rooney (far right)

Art Chat with Peter Gronquist

Sneak Peek: Martin Wittfooth & Jean Labourdette @ Roq La Rue Gallery