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Jay Shells "Rap Quotes" @ Gallery 1988

Currently on view at Gallery 1988 (East) is Jay Shells' "Rap Quotes", a documentation of his recent street art project to plot specific locations mentioned in rap songs. Shells' project quickly went from a scavenger hunt to, as most street art does, a venture aiming to preserve a concept. Aware that his signs would probably get stolen within a few days of being placed around the city, Shells took that as an appreciation from viewers for a common interest in hip hop. This project encapsulates how an ordinary interest can spark an artist to express themselves in a public manner that allows their audience to relate to them. "Rap Quotes" runs through May 17th at Gallery 1988 (East). Don't miss out on viewing which of your favorite classic rap lyrics were placed on infamous intersections of Los Angeles and New York. Take a look at a few images courtesy of the gallery.









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