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Sneak Peek: Ana Bagayan "Children of the Sun" @ Thinkspace Gallery

On May 24th, Ana Bagayan will be presenting her second solo exhibit at Thinkspace entitled "Children of the Sun". This new body of work translates the artist's surreal worlds onto canvas, highlighting her admiration for the metaphysical and her fascination with the limitless unknown. Her narratives revolve around symbolic imagery and elements that arouse an inexplicable strange wonder. Young female subjects naively wander through Bagayan's eerie fantasy worlds. They go from admiring their surroundings to interacting with "the mysteries of a hypnagogic universe". Bagayan's paintings embrace an imaginative ethos full of infinite possibilities of worlds beyond our own. "Bagayan has used the term 'futurealism' to refer to her own work; an idea that appropriately suggests the sense of futurity, expansiveness and beautiful incongruity in her ever evolving output." "Children of the Sun" serves as a metaphor for bizarre yet intriguing possibilities that playfully challenge our imagination.

Take a look at a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, May 24th 6-9 pm
Thinkspace Gallery
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232








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