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The "Alphabet Show" @ White Walls Gallery

On May 10th, San Francisco art enthusiasts came in droves as White Walls Gallery presented "Alphabet Show: Every Letter Counts", a group exhibit celebrating the 26 essential building blocks of language. Featuring the works of sign painters, street artists, collagists and everyone in between, "Alphabet Show" features a diverse line-up of artists all of whom anointed their personal aesthetic and interpretation to their chosen letter. Ashley Fundora presented the letter F and U (get it?) in distressed lowercase fonts of gold leaf set against a stark black background. Meryl Pataky chose to work with "Y" in her glowing neon - a letter fitting for an artist who's work consistently probes our existence. The unconventional translation of the letter "W" was examined through Sergio Garcia's hyper-real sculptures. Two hands protrude from the wall while throwing up the "West Coast" sign to pay homage to the Golden State.

Overall, "Alphabet Show" is a wonderful display of the harmonious relationship between imagery and the written language. If you're in San Fran, make a point to stop by the check and check out the art in person. Until then, take a look at some opening night photos below courtesy of White Walls.

Photos by Brock Brake

_MG_8491 Joachim Ixaclli

_MG_8498 TL_tv

_MG_8521 Adam Ziskie

alphabet-show-1 Ashley Fundora

_MG_8528 Poesia

_MG_8539 Meryl Pataky

_MG_8573 Justin Kerson

_MG_8584 Mike Shine


_MG_8620 Chad Hasegawa

_MG_8638 Sergio Garcia

_MG_8674 Apex

_MG_8713 Mike Tyau


Greg "Craola" Simkins @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Neon Palm Tree prints by Meryl Pataky & Brock Brake