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Tender Remains @ Bustamante Gill Gallery

On March 24th , at the new Bustamante Gill Gallery, curatorial project C. Feign Jr. presented a two-person exhibition with artist Maja Ruznic and Yevgeniya Mikhalik. C. Feign Jr. is a curatorial project organized by Los Angeles based artist Camilla Taylor, Justin Schaefer, and Mike Reynolds. The group aims to craft pop-up exhibitions in traditional and alternative art viewing spaces. Tender Remains, is a carefully selected paring that exemplifies the curatorial projects attention to artistic harmony while granting each artist her own voice. Maja Ruznic’s translucent formations of contorted figures weigh heavily on delicate watercolor paper, which simultaneously creates an air of femininity and aggression. Like a bruise each figure strikes you with vibrant fleshy highlights and deep moody hues that leave washy marks of violence and messy emotions. Maja describes her abstracted figures as “ embodiments of the places and experiences that they have endured. At the same time, their postures are depictions of a lifetime forced in cramped and confined conditions”.

Yevgeniya Mikhailik’s welcoming landscapes are drawn from interconnecting relationships between spaces and their returning visitor. The ink, watercolor, and clay board, seem to carry the thoughtfulness that a traditional portrait painter would to her human subject. With the use of the oval vignette the viewer can see how Mikhailik isolates specific memories of terrain like one would, with a depiction of a close friend or relative. Creating this sense of knowing and understanding by carful study and repeated visitation through abstracted memories. She states that “the recurring image of a mountain echoes both a memory of an existing landscape and, less literally, a process of gradual change that occurs over one’s lifetime, influenced by experiences and memories, akin to the process of mountain formation”

Tender Remains is on view until June 22nd, with regular gallery hours W-S 12:30 to 5:00 p.m, or by appointment.

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