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"In Your Face" @ New Image Art Gallery

Currently on view at the New Image Art Gallery is “In Your Face”, a group show with work by artist Jaimie Warren, Shaun Black, Stacy Kranitz, Sagan Lockhart, and Sandy Kim. Each photographer explores portraiture with his or her own stylistic expression that is both refreshingly independent and overall complimentary of the group as a whole.

The show starts with two diptychs from Jaimie Warren’s food’lebrities series, where she transforms herself into celebrity alter egos and juxtaposes them with food that is grotesquely reminiscent of their likeness. Her self-portraits are rough edged satirical dramatization of our societies obsessions with pop culture that grapples with our excitement for vibrant colors and wacky misrepresentation. Defiantly inspired by artists like Cindy Sherman, John Waters, and Leigh Bowery.

Shaun Black and Stacy Krantiz are recent graduates of UCI Master program and both show works that are informative and captivating. Krantiz exhibits works from her recent series “As it was Give(n) to Me”, where she explores Appalachian communities that uncover the subtle beauty of human awareness as each subject acknowledges the viewers presence by dominating the center of the photograph. Still the viewer can sense how the surrounding landscapes manifest the deadpan emotions portrayed on the faces and posturing of each subject. Shaun Black exhibited a series of photos of a male figure that demonstrates an odd way of putting on and removing a safety jacket from underneath a coat, titled ”Learning by Doing”. Black uses catalog style and instructive imagery to explore informative ideals that “permeate the American landscape” by utilizing simple backgrounds with an objective point of view. Additionally on the back wall Black shows a looped video that depicts the artist walking through an old western called “8 seconds”.

Sagan Lockhart is a Los angels based photographer who shoots for the Odd Future collective. His work takes us on a journey through varied post punk antics and underground hip-hop remixes of Hollywood lifestyles. He says he “wanted to take pictures of [his] friends and the stuff that was around the skate and music scene” he continues “there was always a lot of interesting people to take pictures of and [he] never set up any thing fancy but shot what was right in from of [him]”.

Sandy Kim is a photographer working in Brooklyn NY and California that comfortably explores the proactive nature of the naked female form in public and private spaces. Her work has an air of exhibitionism that performs as a flippant feminist trope that hovers over seductively hand printed images. Additionally she shoots friends, celebrities, and her travels across the US in a noticeably California style that were featured in Vice and Purple over the past year.

The show is on view until July 12th.

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