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Sneak Peek: Jacub Gagnon "Worlds Collide" @ Thinkspace Gallery

Tomorrow night, Thinkspace will present "Worlds Collide", a show featuring new works by Jacub Gagnon. In his paintings, Gagnon intentionally creates contrasting encounters between wildlife and human objects. With impeccable artistry, he portrays closeups of these creatures interacting with intricate objects that seem to obtain another meaning when placed out of their usual surroundings. Although the animals don't appear to be bothered by the intrusion of our everyday objects, there is a lingering tension. Gagnon's renditions are visually dramatic, with black backgrounds and a spotlight effect that shines onto the foreground. The artist's odd juxtapositions give him the "ability to confuse and confound scale and representational accuracy". His whimsical combinations resemble that of Alice's encounters with the animals inhabiting Wonderland. This beautiful body of work ultimately draws attention to how fragile and unappreciated the animal world is at times. The artist aims to commend animals for remaining uninterrupted as their world collides with another.

Take a look at a few preview images at the artist's studio via the gallery.

Saturday, June 21st 6-9 pm Thinkspace Gallery 6009 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 www.thinkspacegallery.com



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