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'Round the Hood: Samir Evol in South LA

Artist Samir Arghandiwall, better known as Evol, has selected walls throughout South Central LA as his canvases to showcase his colorful portraits. His subjects are so distinct in style and rendition, that is it quite easy to spot one. His most well-known portraits are of rosy-cheeked pinups. These and all his other murals are created by layering bursts of multiple colors of spray paint. Evol's impeccable use of color allows him to shape and liven his subjects' faces. At a distance, his colors blend with one another to comprise bright contoured faces, but up close vibrant shades of green, purple and orange pop as if being the key to bringing together the composition. Graffiti artist Evol has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in Film/Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. He has shown at Los Angeles galleries, such as Petra Gallerie and Known Gallery. Keep an eye out for this street artist's mural work, he may soon be invading the walls in your hood!

Take a look at his work currently gracing a neighborhood on 38th Place between La Salle Avenue and Harvard Boulevard.









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