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On View: Brandi Milne "Here Inside My Broken Heart" @ Corey Helford Gallery

Currently on view, at a special pop-up location, is Brandi Milne "Here Inside My Broken Heart" presented by Corey Helford Gallery. A personal touch is added to this body of work as it mirrors the artist's experience with heartache. Her subjects take on emotions of despair through their body language and interactions with their surroundings. Brandi Milne 3

Milne 11

Rich shades of red, vibrant whites, and orange are overcast by a tint of melancholia. Milne's subjects appear to be at the midst of deep sadness, as most are hunched over, head and shoulders heavy with affliction, sulking over a pain that radiates across their entire presence. On the other hand, the critters gathering around reflect these emotional scars through actual cuts and trails of what may be blood. The artist captures a moment often experienced in solitude, the quiet moment when one is paralyzed by anguish and all that can be done is to dwell on one's misery. Each character is set in their own narrative, arising the thought of who or what could have caused them such heartache. The emotions they emit are offset by colorful and upbeat costumes pertaining to a carnival or fair, but rather than going to the attraction, they seem to be the attraction. Within all of Milne's pieces are small objects in the background that serve as emblems or signs of why the pain is ever so present.

Milne beautifully paints her take on the devastation caused by heartache. Her work is jam-packed with detail holding together a powerful story. Make sure you see this amazing collection of talent while it's still on view. "Here Inside My Broken Heart" will run through July 12th at Corey Helford Gallery’s pop-up location: 10000 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.

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