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Sneak Peek: Hikari Shimoda & Nouar @ CHG Circa

Tonight, CHG Circa will present Hikari Shimoda "Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man" and Nouar "Satisfaction Guaranteed!". "Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man" will mark Shimoda's first solo exhibition in the U.S. While "Satisfaction Gauranteed!" will debut Nouar's newest  and largest body of work since her 2011 exhibit at Corey Helford Gallery. In Hikari Shimoda's work, her use of a pastel color palette offsets her dazed and perturbed young subjects. Brightly colored embellishments and sparkly stickers surround possessed children that serve as bearers of a dark truth hidden behind colorful and cheery images. Her contrasting visuals emit a reminder of the often-overlooked mortality and harm that humanity has endured. These depictions perfectly capture how unsettling and undeniable any kind of harm may affect our well-being. Within her work, Shimoda embeds an inspiration by Fukushima and the tragic Chernobyl disasters in which children were left with a scar around their neck, the “Chernobyl necklace”, after undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer.

“I believe that deities were created because the human race felt helpless and could no longer resolve its problems,” Hikari explains.  “The idea of salvation as referred to by the Last Judgment in the Bible and afterlife in Buddihism promises that humanity will not perish. We constantly wonder what will happen next. I’ve created my vision of the world while thinking about such things.”

Nouar's "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" is inspired by modern visions of prosperity and wealth of inventions that culture promoted. Mid-century advertisements and cartoons selling such products helped Nouar bring her pieces to life. Her new body of work colorfully encapsulates the vibrant manner in which the consumerist desires of post-war Americans were met with innovative presentation of new products.

“These new pieces are unique, in that they are all three dimensional, exploring the potential of transparent, mixed media." explains Nouar. "Being the largest body of work I have produced since 2011, the art is more technically refined and focused, using repetition to reflect the concept of mass manufacturing and the practice of repackaging products industry elements previously unexplored in my work.”

Don't miss out on viewing these works in person. Until then, take a look at a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, July 19th 7-10pm
CHG Circa
8530-A Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

hikari web 720Hikari Shimoda

Children Of This Planet 17 Hikari Shimoda

Bad CandyNouar

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