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Opening Night: Niels "Shoe" Meulman & Mark Warren Jacques @ White Walls Gallery

White Walls Gallery will soon be wrapping up their current shows, Niels 'Shoe' Muelman's  "The Unearthly Paintings" and Mark Warren Jacques' "All Night Every Day". Muelman's third solo exhibit with the gallery revolves around the vast unknown rooted within the artist's fascination with existence, the universe, and science. His typographical paintings mimic a desolate universe, inhabited only by bursts of galactic life. And if looked at a closer glance, many of his paintings glimmer with flares of brightly colored splattered paint, reminiscent to the variety of colored stars flickering across the night sky. The 'Calligraffiti' artist uses his signature medieval style to write out messages that act as symbols of reversal and convey abstract ideas ingrained with obscure substance. Opening the same night in the White Walls project space was Mark Warren Jacques' newest body of work. "All Night Every Day" encourages a 'seize the day' AND night attitude to fully enjoy life. Jacques delves into our interactions with and reactions to natural light from our largest sources, the sun and moon. Keeping in mind that our 24-hour light source varies in intensity and hue, the artist renders these gradients that coat us with vitality throughout the day. In addition to this collection of new work, Jacques collaborated with Meryl Pataky, concurrently showing at Shooting Gallery, on a special project.

Muelman and Jacques continue to make White Walls a haven for contemporary art enthusiasts in search of boundless and profound art. "The Unearthly Paintings" will run through August 9th and "All Night Every Night" until September 9th. Be sure to view these before they're gone!

Photo  Credit: Brock Brake





2014 July White Walls 06





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