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Sneak Peek: Stephanie Buer & Mary Iverson @ Thinkspace Gallery

On August 16th, Thinkspace Gallery will present "After", featuring new works by Stephanie Buer and Mary Iverson. Buer's paintings shine a light on abandoned urban spaces, spaces that have lost their function and fallen into the lonely and empty state of neglect. Iverson adds structural linear layers to landscapes, highlighting the contrast between nature and man-made formations. Stephanie Buer's interest in the structures that inhabit desolate environments is seen throughout her works. These buildings stand quietly in solitude, left with only memories of when they once served a purpose. Dilapidated structures impact the scenery by transforming the atmosphere into one that whimpers with despair. Looking beyond their exteriors, the artist finds beauty living within their forgotten spirit worthy of noticing.

Mary Iverson creates compositional contrast as she overlays rigid layers of geometric patterns over nature's vast landscapes. Inspired by a fascination for Seattle's port, Iverson renders cargo unit-like shapes within these linear forms. These mad-made formations gradually begin to obstruct our view of nature's beauty and redirect our attention to the entrancing meticulous linear layers. Her work hints at the detrimental effects industry has on the natural world.

Don't miss out on viewing these works in person! In the meantime, take a look at a few preview images via the gallery of the artists preparing for the show in their studios.

Saturday, August 16th 6-9 pm
Thinkspace Gallery
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

DSC08431 Stephanie Buer

DSC08450 Stephanie Buer

DSC08597 Stephanie Buer

DSC08418 Stephanie Buer

DSC08690 Stephanie Buer

DSC08675 Stephanie Buer

Iverson_Studio3_may2014 Mary Iverson

IMG_20140524_194433 Mary Iverson

DSC00318 Mary Iverson

DSC00316 Mary Iverson

IMG_20140702_170542 Mary Iverson

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