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Remi Rough "Further Adventures in Abstraction" @ Soze Gallery

Only on view for a few more days is Remi Rough’s new solo show, Further Adventures in Abstraction, at Soze Gallery new location in West Hollywood. The gallery recently moved from their downtown location and this is the inaugural exhibition. Who could be a better fit, seeing as the gallery has been a long time supporter of Remi’s work ever since they opened up there doors in 2012. Remi Rough, born Remi Morgan, was raised in South London in the early seventies and has been breaking “aesthetic boundaries for a quarter of a century”. Exceeding the traditional personification of a graffiti writer by evolving the UK graffiti scene and becoming a part of the Abstract Graffiti movement in the early 90’s. His works are in the streets across the world and in 2001 he started exhibiting in galleries inLondon.

His new work in abstraction continues on a visual theme that “creates tension between bold yet beautiful colors “ which generate multiple levels of dimension and balance. For this show, “his most colorful and complete body of works, Remi created over 50 new pieces on paper, wood, and canvas”. The colors push and pull in depth and perception, allowing your mind to forget that you are looking at a handmade piece of paper. His work takes on multiple perspective that range from an immediate proximity that zooms into a complex area of shapes and forms, like Untitled 20, then he switches to the intergalactic in a piece ironically call Excavated. Almost like he’s carving out time and space with graphite, ink, and spray-paint through multiple dimensions.

You can still view Remi/Rough’s new work at Soze Gallery until August 19th.

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