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Sneak Peek: Wayne White @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This Thursday, Joshua Liner Gallery will be presenting "Invisible Ruler", a show featuring new works by Los Angeles-based artist Wayne White. White's work ranges from new works on paper created during his residency at the Rauschenberg Foundation to 15-foot kinetic sculptures. Visually dominating the space, his immense sculptures constructed of cardboard will allow the viewer to get lost within his three-dimensional concepts embodying his style. His word paintings, depicting the same cubist features as his sculptures, pull inspiration from vintage lithographs and alter their significance by imposing abrupt and blunt phrases. These phrases carry highly emotive meanings that are heightened by their unusual size and placement within quiet landscapes. The loud messages embedded into his paintings evoke a sense of receiving a pep talk from our surroundings. White's paintings put into perspective how sometimes we just have to sit back and listen to what the universe is trying to tell us.

The artist expresses: "Everything you try as an artist sticks with you and is in your work, and I’ve tried a lot—cartooning, illustration, set design, puppeteering, animation, sign painting, etc. It all still reverberates in the work  I’ve done as a fine artist. [Invisible Ruler] is my 14-year investigation into the confluence of words and images, my ongoing love of drawing on paper, and the relics of my trips across the country creating fun-house puppet and sculptural installations."

In association with "Invisible Ruler", the gallery will also be presenting a special screening of Wayne White’s documentary Beauty is Embarrassing tonight, followed by a Q&A with the director Neil Berkeley and the artist. Take a look at a few preview images via the gallery of White's work.

Thursday, September 11th Joshua Liner Gallery 540 W 28th St. New York, NY 10001 www.joshualinergallery.com




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