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Sneak Peek: Matthew Robertson @ Modern Eden Gallery

On Saturday, Modern Eden Gallery will be presenting "Our Ghosts Are Hungry, How About You?", the debut solo exhibit of Bay Area artist Matthew Robertson. His paintings cohesively integrate chaotic brushstrokes with controlled geometric forms. The result is a balanced composition radiating with pleasant contrast. The complexity behind his renditions become a blur as the real and abstract components effortlessly merge with one another. Robertson's work is both nostalgic and contemporary; his subjects blankly get lost within their memories, yet are neutralized by bold-colored forms embracing spontaneity through unpredictable formations. "Our Ghosts Are Hungry, How About You?" develops the idea of accepting that our memories may relentlessly haunt us, but having a new outlook on their presence can bring us tranquility. Robertson states the following about his work: "A great deal of my creative energy is focused on developing a visual language that uses elements of both realism and abstraction to describe a subject. ‘Our Ghosts Are Hungry, How About You?’ is a series of narrative paintings on childhood. Visually, these images explore the dissonance that arises when realism is paired with the abbreviation and exaggeration of form."

Take a look at a few images via the gallery of Robertson's work, but if you happen to be in the area don't miss out on viewing these works in person.

Saturday, September 13th Modern Eden Gallery 801 Greenwich Street San Francisco, CA 94133 www.moderneden.com


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