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Sneak Peek: "Giants Among Us" Group Show @ CHG Circa

On September 20th, CHG Circa will present "Giants Among Us", a group show that expands on the role of the giant through a modern perspective, whether it may be symbolic or literal. Through stories, we have come to know giants as powerful mystical beings, antagonists who can literally crush us in a heartbeat. Modern day giants have taken the form of intangible and often psychological obstacles that are still able to bring us to our knees with intimidation. "Giants Among Us" personifies the concept of coming face to face with larger than life situations, actual imaginary beings, and even emotions. Participating artists will depict personal interpretations of what a giant means to them. The beauty of this show is the range of meaning given to the theme. Some artists will render giants through the eyes of a child, intrigued by the fantasy surrounding the idea of a giant initiating an epic battle. Others will grasp that giants may not always be literal, they may be moments we are trying to forget, struggles we are trying to overcome, or even limits we are trying to surpass.

Artists featured include  Anita Kunz, Andrew Brandou, Armando Marino, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Billy Norrby, Christofer Kochs, David Stoupakis, Eric Joyner, Joe Fenton, John Brophy, KINSEY, Korin Faught, Maria Kreyn, Matt Rota, Sarah Folkman, Selena Wong, So Youn Lee, and Van Arno. Take a look at a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, September 20th CHG Circa 8530-A Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232 www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

John Brophy Plush Avenger John Brophy "Plush Avenger"

Armando Marino The Guardian Armando Marino "The Guardian"

So Youn Lee Harmony So Youn Lee "Harmony"

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