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On View: C215 @ White Walls Gallery

Currently on view at White Walls Gallery is "Nina je t’aime", new works by Parisian stencil artist, C215. This show marks the artist's third solo exhibit with the gallery. Known for his stencil graffiti found around the world, C215 has quickly made a name for himself in the street art scene since 2005. His stenciled portraits primarily focus on an appreciation for humanity. In this body of work, that sense of humanity is heightened through vivid layers of color and the ability to capture light upon his subject's face. Christian Guémy, the man behind the artistic identity that is C215, has developed a highly detailed stenciling technique that allows his subjects to come alive rather than remain static, the effect most stencils create. His style relies heavily on allowing his subjects to shine through, in this case his beloved daughter and muse, Nina. This adoring statement of a show is infused with a vibrant and playful energy, reflecting the liveliness of the artist's subject. It often feels impossible to describe how much our loved ones mean to us, but as C215 proves with this show, capturing and expressing the value they have in our eyes is a doorway into understanding their place in our lives.

"Nina je t'aime" ends tonight, so if you're in the area don't hesitate about viewing these works in person, and of course, make sure to keep an eye out for C215's work on walls all over the world.








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