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"Le Chat Noir" group exhibit @ Modern Eden Gallery

Currently on view at Modern Eden Gallery is "Le Chat Noir", a group show inspired by La Belle Époque. In particular, imagery inspired by Steinlen’s iconic Le Chat Noir poster art. Featuring the talents of Caitlin Hackett, Jessica LL Dalva, Robert Bowen, Jaclyn Alderete, and Ransom & Mitchell, (to name a few) these artists explore the historical influence of the black cat through their individual work and unique styles. If you're in the San Fran area, be sure to visit the gallery to view the works in person. Until then, take a look at a few of the works below. "Le Chat Noir" is on view through Nov 1st. 10441125_876131365760484_366316065976235213_n Marc Le Rest

10620665_760463617334791_5330769277867692575_n Carly Janine Mazur (detail)

10712746_878608165497761_6488774409398005531_n Brianna Angelakis

1010120_10152725118344360_4208873258649941193_n Ransom & Mitchell

1780643_529867077148175_61654649820185912_n Mandy Tsung

10689491_10152898585511209_2909394761047103951_n Jaclyn Alderete (detail)

10659225_746043925478097_6558667527050332548_n Caitlin Hackett

Thinkspace Invades San Fran @ Hashimoto Contemporary

The "Solstice" of Aron Wiesenfeld