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Sneak Peek: "Conditioner" presented by Black Art Projects @ JCP Studios

Taking a 'tongue in cheek' approach to the word "Conditioner", Black Art Projects has curated an exhibit that addresses the complexities of social conditioning through the subjects of violence, spirituality, sexuality, deviant behavior and altered or multiple states of reality. Featuring the thought provoking talents of Kelsey Brookes, Cleon Peterson, Mark Whalen, and Jonathan Zawada, the exhibit is sure to challenge us through striking yet unsettling imagery. The exhibit has a short run, so make a point to check it out if in Australia. But until then, take a peek at some of the show pieces below. November 13th - 27th, 2014 JCP Studios 51-57 Cubitt Street Cremorne, Victoria 3121 www.blackartprojects.com

10609702_927480777279521_463456206639957964_n Mark Whalen

10731135_928728630488069_8682588008100040487_n Cleon Peterson

1795672_925214257506173_1592997568933778039_n Kelsey Brookes

1505996_976580602358141_6823414454876525025_n Jonathan Zawada

"Bad Dads V" group exhibit @ Spoke Art Gallery

Intricacies: A collaboratively drawn book by Christina Mrozik & Zoe Keller