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Sneak Peek: Nate Frizzell "Dark Was The Night" @ CHG Circa

This coming Saturday, Nate Frizzell will debut his new solo show "Dark Was the Night", at CHG Circa. The Los Angeles-based artist will present an array of emotive paintings that capture his subjects at their most contemplative. Through his dark portraits, Frizzell mirrors the 1920s blues song "Dark is the Night". He gives the song's honest yet vulnerable expression of loneliness a contemporary spin. By retaining a solemn color palette for this collection, the artist uses darkness as an ally to fully encompass and bring to the surface the internal conflicts we often conceal. As his subjects are consumed by pitch black surroundings, they are left to fend for themselves among discomforting solitude and the most unnerving of animals. The combination of urban landscapes, introverted humans, and wildlife, denotes the idea of how we may not be that different from animals after all; we may even possess an animalistic quality embedded in the way we express raw emotions.

“I try to do something a little different with every show,” says Frizzell, about his new work. “It’s important to me to grow as an artist. I’m playing with the use of black and negative space...seeing how far I can push myself to mute my color palette and still put a little life into the paintings." Don't miss out on viewing these works in person. In the meantime, take a look a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, November 15th 7-10pm CHG Circa 8530-A Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232 www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

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