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Sneak Peek: Zio Ziegler “Intuitivism” at LeQuiVive Gallery

Tonight San Francisco based artist Zio Ziegler will unveil a new body of work at LeQuiVive entitled "Intuitivism". Featuring an array of both paintings and drawings, "Intuitivism" continues Ziegler's exploration of intricate, collage-like patterns that often evoke indigenous, folk art forms. "I've often been asked what my symbols mean in relation to one another, and while I hint at their meanings with a reference in a title, their meanings are as ephemeral as the process itself", states Ziegler. "This transience of meaning serves as catalyst for each viewer’s understanding. Because each painting lacks a singular explanation, the viewer is faced with self-reflection of his or her own life and internal pursuit. My paintings have subjectively different meanings for each person that views them, and through the observer’s own balance of reason, context, and intuitive reaction, each one serves as a starting place of thought and reflection rather than a means to an end."

"Intuitivism" is the artist's only solo exhibit in the United States this year, so be sure to visit LeQuiVive while in the San Francisco area to view these striking works in person. Until then, take a peek of a few preview images below courtesy of the gallery.

Saturday, November 15th 7-10pm LeQuiVive Gallery 1525 Webster Street Oakland, CA www.lequivivegallery.com







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