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Studio Visit with Matt Ritchie

Studio Visit with Matt Ritchie

Matt Ritchie creates flawless carved and painted sculptures that could easily be mistaken for digital graphics, but the work is completely analog. Being that each piece is composed on cut wood, the work borders on sculptural, all while retaining the bold illustrative aesthetic that the artist cultivates. This Saturday at LeQuiVive Gallery, Matt Ritchie will debut new work in a group show unified under the banner "Us". Recently, we took a visit inside Ritchie's studio as he prepares for the show taking us through the creative process from inspiration to completion. Enjoy the journey below, but be sure to catch Ritchie's new work this Saturday alongside the talents of Lauren YS, Bruce Parker and Patrick O’Connell. "Us" runs through January 3rd, 2015.

Photos courtesy of Brock Brake

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